Newsletter - January 2016

Welcome to the New Year and our first newsletter for 2016!  We do hope you’re having a wonderful relaxing time this (hot!) January, and that you’re all geared up for another fabulous year of stitching.

We have lots and lots of new products, Blocks of the Month and some new classes to tell you about. We are doing our best to get them on to our website as quickly as we can, but are super keen to tell you about them none-the-less! If there is anything you can't find on our website in the meantime please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you.

Shop News

On-Line Sale

Our on-line sale is still going.  Hundreds of fabrics have been heavily reduced, some as low as $12.00 per metre and some even less!  Our minimum cut is 50cm.  If you wish to purchase in store or over the phone, please have the SKU/product code handy for the item/s you wish to purchase.

And in store, we have a display throughout January of some books and patterns which are on sale.

Summer School

All of those attending Summer School should have their Requirements List by now.  If not, please contact the store.

Please make sure you have all your supplies before Summer School starts.  We’re here to help if you have any questions or want to sort out what you need to get.

Make sure you read the emails that have been sent to you; there’s lots of valuable information in them.  If you haven’t received the emails, please contact the store.

If you’ve been tossing up about Summer School, there are still a few spots left in the 3-day Foundation Piecing class for 27-29 January – call us if you’re interested.

Best Sellers List 2015

We thought you might be interested to know what you helped to make our “Best Sellers” in 2015. 

And the awards to go…..(cue trumpet fanfare!)

FABRIC – Di Ford’s beautiful “Cloverdale House”; these bolts just kept on selling. Some stock still available.

BOOK/MAGAZINE – Quiltmania won this category hands down as all their books and magazines that we stock proved very popular, particularly “Quiltmania” and “Simply Modern”.

LARGE NOTION – “Perfect Adjustable Squares” surprised us with lots of these walking out the door.

SMALL NOTION – “Clover Clip”.  We are yet to meet anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with these handy clips!

THREAD – Aurifil thread seems to have captured your hearts and with our every expanding range, we’re happy to oblige!

So, what do you think?  Did you help create these popular items?  Thank you for your support!

Long Arm Quilting Machine for sale

We’ve decided to upgrade our Long Arm machine so our HandiQuilter Avante 18 is for sale. This machine combines the quality of the Handi Quilter brand with a size perfect for most quilting projects. The machine for sale includes the HandiQuilter Avante 18" longarm machine and the HandiQuilter 12-foot (3.6m) quilting frame.  Over time, we added a number of HandiQuilter options, which are included and installed on the machine.  For full details please see our website.

Block of the Month

That should probably read BlockS of the Month as we will be running five, yes FIVE, Blocks of the Month this year, plus continuing with our “Little Quilt-aholics Club”.  With that number of BOM’s there’s sure to be one, or maybe even two, to suit everyone!  So, here’s the gen on the BOM’s for 2016.


Quiltmania’s Mystery BOM for 2016 is designed by the fabulous Petra Prins and features Dutch Heritage fabrics, for which Petra is becoming so well known for bringing to the attention of the quilting world.  We are the sole distributor of this BOM for Australia and New Zealand.

$65.00 per month x 6 months


Designed by Katrina Hadjimichael, this BOM features English Paper Piecing and Applique techniques.

$99.50 for the first month, followed by $69.50 per month for the remaining 7 months.


This BOM features Wool Applique and is designed by Australia’s own Deirdre Bond-Abel. Deirdre’s inspiration for this quilts design came from many places; folk art on buildings, tiles and iron work, and old quilts.

$63.50 per month x 10 months

“Foxley Village”

“Homespun” magazine are running a mystery BOM for 2016, designed by Australia’s Natalie Bird and featuring stitchery and applique and using the Tilda range of fabrics (which we know many of you love), and we are very pleased to be one of the shops supporting this BOM.

You will be able to purchase this as a full kit straight up, or spread your instalments over the 10 months of the program to co-incide with the release of each pattern section in Homespun magazine.

“Paradise in Blooms”

Use Foundation Paper piecing techniques to make this stunning Quiltworx design.  We currently have samples in store for you to see in two colour ways; cool blues with a hint of pink, or a more Mexican theme of yellow/orange/purple.  Come by and check them out!  Alternately, we can help you choose your own colour version.

We’re running this particular one like a BOM over 6 or 7 months (depending on which size option you select), with payments specific to your version – pricing will depend on the fabrics chosen and the size quilt you wish to make (either double or queen size).

For further information on any of the above BOM’s please see the website or contact the shop to put your name down, or as an expression on interest.

                                                     paradise in blooms

“Little Quilt-aholics Club”

This Club is for those who love making little quilts.  Join in the fun to make 8 quilts in total spread over 12 months.  Again, for more information contact the shop.

$49.50 per month x 8 months (includes patterns and kits).

New Products

Wool Felt

We have a fabulously colourful range of wool felt due in mid January.  We’re getting the full range and can’t wait for it to get in store!  There are so many possibilities with this product.  For instance, Wendy Williams book “Wild Blooms and Colourful Creatures”, or for covering craft cases or Yazzi bags.  If this appeals but you’re not sure how to go about it, try a class with Glenda (see Classes for more details).

                 Wool Felt 1   Wool Felt 2   Wool Felt 3


::  From the “Simply Modern” magazine issue 3, kits are now available for “Oh Christmas Tree” using wool felt and fabrics.  While the fabrics aren’t identical, they are similar in colour and value to reflect the essence of the original quilt.  We’re very excited about this kit!

::  “Rainbow Nest” Packs to go with the delightful book by Laundry Basket Quilts will be available very soon.  Please contact the shop to pre-order your kit now.


Victorian Textiles have three new template sets

::  Emma’s Basket

Emma's Basket

::  Peony Frame

Peony Frame

::  Indiana Puzzle

Inidana Puzzle

Paper Piecing

::  From Margaret Sampson George we have paper piecing templates and papers for “Marg’s Stars” in size ¾”, 1” and 2” and Marg’s “Margagons” too.

                 MSG Star                   MSG Margagon

::  Sue Cody has put out a range of petal shapes in varying sizes, so handy for applique work

                                                      Sue Cody leaf

::  EPP Iron Ons, from Hugs and Kisses.  EPP shapes pre-cut from water soluble applique paper.  Fuse to the wrong side of fabric with a warm iron, continue as normal but leave the papers in when the project is finished.

                                                     EPP Iron ons

::  And to help in piecing, we now have the full range of Fussy Cutting Viewers i.e. Pentagons, 6 pointed stars, 8 pointed stars, Hexies and Honeycombs (elongated hexies)

                                                           EPP viewers

Repro Bundles

If you’ve visited the shop in the last couple of weeks, you will have noticed the piles of Repro Fabrics on the back table.  These are very shortly going to be more of our ever popular “Repro Bundles”.  Let us know if you need to have one put aside!

        Repro bund 1                   Repro bund 2


::  Sue Spargo has a range of threads out called “Eleganza” and we have the whole, beautiful range in store.  Sue's Eleganza Perle cotton collection is designed to meet the specific needs of hand stitchers, embroiderers and embellishers. Passionate about stitching, Sue set out to design a product of utmost quality in collaboration with Wonderfil Specialty Threads. Eleganza is made from 100% Giza 88, the highest calibre extra long staple Egyptian cotton. Fibres spun with this fibre create a thread of extreme softness, strength and lustre.  Make sure you try some on your next embroidery or stitchery project.


::  Did you know we have Aurifil Threads in the following weights? 12, 28, 40 and 50.  Do you know which one is for what?  Here's a guide to help you decide which thread is best for your project.

12 Weight

Hand Appliqué
Use 12wt for hand appliqué, Buttonhole stitch for a primitive look and for Blanket Stitch appliqué.

Hand Embroidery
Used as a replacement for stranded & pearl embroidery threads for the stitchery blocks.

Hand quilting
Achieve beautiful results using the ‘Big Stitch’ or ‘Utility Stitch’ with a larger eyed needle and for Sashiko type work

Cross Stitch
12wt is suitable for Backstitching or Cross-stitching in 1 strand, giving more definition to your work. 

Use 12wt to add embroidery stitches as embellishment on a quilt surface and for red work.

Machine Appliqué
Use 12wt for a heavy Blanket Stitch or for a primitive look use a Buttonhole Stitch. (Use 50wt in the bobbin)

Machine embroidery
12wt is beautiful for designs that use a longer stitch length. Use a Top Stitch 100/16 needle.

Machine Quilting
Superb for art quilting when heavier thread effects are desired.  Beautiful on linen and denim fabric. Use a 90/14 topstitch needle.

28 Weight

Cross Stitch
For best results use in 2 strands. Cotton 28 gives a delightful effect on 16 & 14 count fabrics.

Hand Appliqué
28 weight gives a great result for blanket stitch appliqué. Use it for hand blanket-stitching when you want a more delicate look.

Hand piecing
Leading artists love 28wt for hand piecing.

Hand quilting
Cotton 28 gives a great result because it stands out.

Machine Appliqué
Cotton 28 is great for Blanket stitch, Buttonhole stitches and appliqué that uses thread to really make a statement. It gives a beautiful, strong edge to the appliqué shape. Use Mako 50 wt in the same colour in the bobbin; Use a Top-Stitch 90/14 needle.

Machine Embroidery
Beautiful for machine embroidery when you really want the thread to stand out and make a statement. Use Mako 50 wt in the bobbin (may need to loosen the top tension a little) or your regular bobbin thread. Use a Microtex or Top-Stitch 90/14 needle.

Machine Quilting
Good for machine quilting when you desire the thread to add an extra visual impact to the patchwork top. Use a slightly longer stitch length. Use Mako 50wt in the bobbin, loosening the top tension to adjust for the difference in weight. If necessary, tighten the bottom tension by threading the bobbin as if for embroidery (if applicable on your machine). Use a Top-Stitch 90/14 needle.

40 Weight

Cross stitch
This thin thread is very versatile and is used singly, doubled or tripled depending on the effect required. Perfect for precise work on fine fabric in 1 strand (miniature work).

Hand Piecing
Our customers love this weight for Hand Piecing.

Machine Appliqué
Suitable for almost all machine appliqué techniques including raw edge appliqué with a straight stitch, small zig zag, blind hemming stitch, blanket stitch and buttonhole stitches.

Machine Embroidery
40wt is the most popular machine embroidery thread weight .

Machine Piecing
40wt gives a perfect result with a nice flat seam.

Machine Quilting
Perfect for quilting when you want to create texture, and also when you want to create a quilted motif that stands out a bit more. Use 40wt or 50 wt of the same colour in the bobbin. Use a Sharp/Microtex quilting or even denim needles 80/12.

50 Weight

Hand Appliqué
Ideal for all types of hand applique. From needle turning to using prepared shapes, the 50wt is thin and with all the colours available you can match your shape perfectly.

Hand Piecing
A great weight for hand piecing.

Machine Appliqué
Ideal when a very fine finish is desired. This weight disappears so your fabric is the feature. Use for a straight stitch, small zig zag , blind hemming stitch , and blanket stitch.

Machine Embroidery
Great results every time. Use 50wt in the bobbin as well, or your regular bobbin thread – in which case tighten the top tension a little. Use an 80/12 needle.

Machine piecing
Gives a great result with a nice flat seam every time.

Machine quilting
Use for very detailed machine quilting with a lot of back tracking such as feathers and heavy background quilting . Perfect for quilting that creates texture when you don’t necessarily want to see the quilting lines. Use the same thread in the bobbin and a sharp, quilting or even denim needles 80/12.

We hope you find this information helpful.

Product of the Month

The latest from Creative Grids is this Stripology Ruler – it makes cutting strips a no-brainer.

                                               Stripology ruler

Cut full width fabric and fat quarters into strips in no time at all.  Follow the easy to use chart included in the instructions for quick strip cutting.   It’s also weighted so it won’t move.


::  Quiltmania’s  popular “Simply Modern” magazine has proved a winner.  Issues 1, 2 and 3 are now back in stock, so if you missed out first time ‘round, here’s your chance to get your copy.

::  Quiltmania Issue 111 is due mid January.

Did you know we can get in any Quiltmania magazine or book that is currently in print?  If you’ve seen a book you’d like or are missing an issue of a magazine, let us know the title details and we’ll order it in especially.  We can also set aside any of the above magazines on a regular basis for you – just call the shop with your details.

New Fabrics

::  From the zany Tula Pink, “Eden” in Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls

                                               Tula Pink LC JR

::  “Be Colourful” by Jacqueline de Jong.  You may have seen Jacqueline’s patterns in our store, well now we have her fabrics too!  Full range available featuring a rainbow of colours.

                  J de jong patterns             J de jong fabrics

::  “Harrington” by Australia's own Leonie Bateman.  A reproduction line featuring a fabulous strip and charming prints.


:: “Miniature Gatherings” by Primitive Gatherings.  Little quilts are irresistible and these tiny prints are just what quilters need to create them.  Select bolts available.

                                                      minature gatherings


:: “Feathering the Nest II” by Brigitte Giblin.  More “Vintage Inspired Quilts to Feather the Nest”.  This second book by Brigitte Giblin contains 16 new quilts with full colour instructions, published by Quiltmania and is due out early-mid February.  We are taking pre-orders now.  Expected price is $60.00

:: “Stitches to Savour” by Sue Spargo.  For sumptuous texture and depth, nothing compares to the handwork quilts of acclaimed folk-artist and designer Sue Spargo. This hardcover, 144-page coffee table book of inspiration is filled with 200 detail-rich photographs. Showcasing Sue Spargo's quilts as they've never been seen before, the lush photography is indulgently close, showing in stunning detail the multilayered richness of each.

                                                         Stitches to savour

::  “Teach Me to Sew Triangles” by Pat Sloan.  Take your skills to the next level with this second book in Pat’s beginner-friendly "Teach Me" series. You'll discover 11 different ways to sew triangles--at least one method will be just right for you!

                                                          teach me to sew triangles

::   “Karen K Stone Quilts” A colourful pattern book from one of America's most popular quilters and teachers. For the past decade, Karen K. Stone's dazzling quilts have won awards and a legion of fans. Part of the EQ7 series of books.

                                                         karen stne

::  “Wild Blooms and Colourful Creatures” by Wendy Williams.   Pick up your needle and create landscapes filled with fanciful flowers and creatures from field, forest, and ocean. Designer Wendy Williams shows you how to make 15 appliqué projects in a style that's part folk, part contemporary, and entirely delightful. Easy freezer-paper techniques and wool felt make the stitching go quickly. Add to the fun by embellishing with hand embroidery and machine quilting. Includes 15 projects for all skill levels.

                                                      wild blooms 

:: “Old Quilts New Life” by Sarah Fielke.  Featuring 18 stunning quilts designed by Sarah Fielke--from the striking Liberty Belle log cabin quilt to the peaceful Ebb and Flow medallion quilt--inspired by quilts from the American Folk Art Museum.  Old Quilts, New Life features 20 stunning quilts designed by passionate quilter, author, and designer, Sarah Fielke. Sarah has selected 10 beautiful quilts from The American Folk Art Museum and created two designs inspired by each quilt--the first, a sympathetic interpretation of the original piece and the second, a more contemporary creation.

                                                        old quilts new life

Book of the Month

::  “My Little Japan” is a Book-a-zine from Quiltmania which takes you on a magic carpet ride to beautiful Japan and features amazing quilts from The Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival. Simply stunning!

                                                        my little japan 

Classes - Some of them new for 2016!

Friday Sit and Sew

What better way to end the week than to come along to the shop on a Friday afternoon to sit and sew!

Class:  Friday Sit and Sew                              Tutor:  No tutor

When:  Each Friday, first for this year is on 5th February 2016

Time: 1.00 to 3.30

Cost:  $5.00

Wednesday Morning with Glenda

If you’ve been participating in the Quiltmania Block of the Month, Colmar, during 2015 come and join this class in 2016 to get all the hints and tips to complete your blocks.  Or, if you’d like to explore the world of felted wool or wool felt (or want to know the difference!) and embellishing Glenda will help you on your Woolly Bits journey.  (First Wednesday of the month)

Class:  Wednesday Morning with Glenda                 Tutor:  Glenda Cust

When:  Wednesday 3rd February, 2016

Time: 10.00 to 12.30

Cost:  $30.00

Thursday Morning with Glenda

Let Glenda take you through the techniques of mastering English Paper Piecing (EPP), from simple hexagons like Grandmothers Flower Garden to the more intricate Millefiori (we have the books in store) or an EPP of your choice.  Learn different methods and refine your skills with EPP and learn how to use those new products above.  Perfect for beginners or for the more advanced, set yourself a challenge!  This is the perfect class for those of you wishing to join the “Pemberley” BOM.  (First Thursday of the month)

Class:  EPP                          Tutor:  Glenda Cust

When:  Thursday 4th February, 2016

Time: 10.00 to 12.30

Cost:  $30.00

Thursday Afternoon with Glenda

Need help with a woolly bits project?  Thinking of making the “Oh Christmas Tree” kit?  Wanting to explore Wendy Williams’ book?  Would you like to cover a craft bag or a Yazzi bag?  Does Sue Spargo’s new book set your heart a-flutter?  Glenda can lend a helping hand to guide you through your chosen project.  (First Thursday of the month)

Class:  Woolly Bits                           Tutor:  Glenda Cust

When:  Thursday 4th February, 2016

Time: 1.00 to 3.30

Cost:  $30.00

BOM (Block of the Month) Classes

If you’re doing any of our BOM’s come along on the 2nd and 4th Thursday afternoons of each month to help get you going, or for a little mutual support.

Class:  BOM Day                              Tutor:  Carol

When:  February dates are 11th Feb and/or 25th Feb

Time: 1.00 to 3.30

Cost:  "General Class" fees apply


Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP)

Couldn't make it along to Summer School, but would like to try some FPP? Or did come to Summer School but would like to continue with classes and keep that motivation and progress on your quilt going? Then this is the class for you! Fourth Thursday morning each month.

Class:  Foundation Paper Piecing                              Tutor:  Carol

When:  February date is 25th February

Time: 10am - 12.30pm

Cost:  "General Class" fees apply

Beginners Class

Haven’t tried making a patchwork quilt before?  This is the class for you!  Let Carol guide you through the mechanics of making a simple quilt with your sewing machine.

Class:  Beginners                              Tutor:  Carol

When:  Starting Thursday 4th February, 2016 for 7 weeks.  Time: 7.00 to 9.00pm


When:  Starting Saturday 6th February, 2016 for 7 weeks.  Time: 4.00 to 6.00pm

Cost:  $140.00 plus fabrics and requirements


Full details on the website, or contact the shop.


For further details on all classes, please visit our website


Until next time

Carol and her team of helpers!

“Patchwork Made Possible”


Phone: (03) 9877 1664