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Aurifil 50 wt thread club – anticipated start date is 4th May 2017, although it is possible to join at any time after this.

This is a 12 month program and will deliver to you 72 spools (200 m each) of Aurifil's Cotton Mako' Ne 50 wt thread in a balance of colours and includes a mix of light, medium and dark values across each colour family - PLUS a storage container in which to store the thread. The threads have been carefully selected to offer a colour balance across every shade and tone available. The 50wt thread is a fine thread, suitable for applique, hand piecing and machine piecing. It is finer than the traditional 40wt threads, and therefore sits flatter in the seam allowance.

Note that this is a different selection of threads to those pictured above, and a different storage container. Some thread colours will overlap with the above, but of course are 50 wt, not 80 wt as for the box.

Cost is: Month 1: $ 64.50 (plus P & H if applicable) which includes the storage container, followed by Month 2 – 12: $ 39.50 (plus P & H if applicable)

How to join one of our Thread Clubs:

To join one of our thread clubs, you may either complete a registration form and forward it to us (Click on the link below), phone us, or register in person.