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“FRESH CUT” – Block of the Month

We are delighted to be able to offer this stunning quilt, designed by Sue Spargo, as a Block of the Month (BOM). This BOM runs over 12 months and is priced at $ 79.50 per month for each of the 12 consecutive months.

We have sourced all of the wools, fabrics and other embellishments for you to make your lives as easy as possible! Please note that some of the small pieces of fabric, or some of the ribbons, used for applique may not be identical to those used in the original design. However, some of the fabrics and ribbons in the original design are no longer available. Any substitutes used will have been carefully chosen to tone and compliment the other components of the quilt.

By enrolling in this BOM program, you hereby agree and understand that you will be charged $ 79.50 per month for 12 consecutive months (plus postage if applicable). By registering for this BOM, you are committing to the cost of the kits for the entire program. There are NO exceptions to this rule. There is a $ 30 non-refundable registration fee required to secure your spot in this Block of the Month Program. This $ 30 amount will be deducted from your final instalment due in month 12.

Please read below and note carefully what is included, and not included, for you in this BOM:

  •   All hand dyed wools, cotton fabrics, velvets, ribbons, ric racs, buttons used in the quilt top
  •   Binding
  •   A pack of the BCA (Breast Cancer Awareness thread pack) of specially selected threads (five threads)
  •   Six of the “other” speciality threads that can be harder to source, plus one spool of Razzle RZM3130
Not included:            

  • “Fresh Cut” pattern book which includes the detailed pattern for this BOM, along with several smaller patterns. We have copies of this available for purchase for $ 44.50
  • “Creative Stitching”, which is an embroidery stitch instruction book, written by Sue Spargo. We have copies of this available for purchase for $ 44.50
  •  Batting and backing
  •  Applique and embellishment threads i.e. Eleganza Perle Cottons, Ellana Wool Threads, Efina Cotton threads – with the exception of the threads listed above. Many of you will already have a supply of some of these threads, so to keep the price down we have not included them. However, we have packs of the required threads available for you at very special prices, as an optional addition to your BOM. Information about each thread pack option is available further down the page.

How to register : 
  • In person at our shop during business hours (Tues thru Sat 10am – 4pm). Our address is 92 Whitehorse Road, Blackburn. Note: our shop is based at the rear of our house. 
  • Via the phone during business hours on (03) 9877 1664. We are open Tues thru Sat 10am – 4pm, and are based in Melbourne, Victoria 
  • Register on our website. Note that the charge will come up for the $ 30 non refundable registration fee only. PLEASE ENSURE YOU INCLUDE YOUR CORRECT PHONE NUMBER, to enable us to contact you to process future payments. For security reasons, your credit card details are not stored at the time of registering on our website.


To thank you for being part of our Block of the Month program, we have put together some terrific thread packs for you at very special prices. THESE NEED TO BE ORDERED AT THE TIME OF YOUR ENROLMENT to ensure we can issue them with your fabric packs. Note – we cannot accommodate requests for variations to any of the following pack options. However, you are welcome to order individual threads from us at our normal retail price. Contact us to have these sent with your BOM packs.

OPTION 1                    Eleganza (#3, #5 and #8) – 22 threads, plus Ellana – 40 threads, plus Efina – 24 threads
                                  Total of 86 threads – issued as 18 threads for Month 1; 17 threads for each of Months 2, 3, 4 & 5
                                  Total retail value: $ 525.00    BOM special price: $ 447.50     SAVING FOR YOU: $ 77.50
                                  Charged with your BOM payment, as 5 payments of $ 89.50 for each of months 1 – 5

OPTION 2                           Ellana and Efina threads          Total of 64 threads
                                  Issued as Mth 1: 18 threads; Mth 2: 16 threads; Mth 3: 15 threads; Mth 4: 15 threads
                                  Total retail value: $ 352.00    BOM special price: $ 316.60     SAVING FOR YOU: $ 35.40
                                  Charged with your BOM payment, as 4 payments of $ 79.15 for each of months 1 – 4

OPTION 3                         
  Ellana threads only     Total of 40 threads – issued as 10 threads for each of Months 1 thru 4
                                   Total retail value: $ 220.00    BOM special price: $ 198.00     SAVING FOR YOU: $ 22.00
                                   Charged with your BOM payment, as 4 payments of $ 49.50 for each of Months 1 - 4

OPTION 4                     Efina threads only     Total of 24 threads
                                   Issued as Mth 1: 8 threads, Mth 2: 6 threads, Mths 3 & 4: 5 threads each month
                                   Total retail value: $ 132.00    BOM special price: $ 118.60     SAVING FOR YOU: $ 13.40
                                   Charged with your BOM payment, as 4 payments of $ 29.65 for each of months 1 - 4