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“Marshal” – Designed by Jen Kingwell

The Quiltmania Mystery Block of the Month 2019

Sewn and Quilted are delighted to be a selected Australian distributor for the Quiltmania Mystery Block of the Month for 2019. This is our fifth year as a distributor of the Quiltmania BOM, so we well and truly know 'the ropes', and very much like to look after all our participants, and strive to provide great customer service!

The quilt, “Marshal”, designed by Jen Kingwell, is a limited edition pattern available only through the Quiltmania magazines. There are six pattern instalments which coincide with the six bi-monthly issues of Quiltmania published throughout 2019 (issues # 129 to 134 incl.)

Marshal is a mystery quilt, specifically designed for Quiltmania using Jen’s new Moda range called “Remix”, along with an important mystery fabric.
Here is a sneak peak of a few parts of the quilt:

Facts at a glance:
  • Fabric distribution : Fabric will be distributed in a different way to other years, with a large pack of fabric issued to coincide with each of parts 1 and part 4. Cost for each of these two packs will be $ 180.00 each.
  • Total cost for the fabric for the quilt top for the program is therefore $ 360.00, plus postage if applicable. Postage is charged at Australia Post rates.
  • Quiltmania Magazines : You will need a copy of each of the six 2019 Quiltmania magazines – issue #129 to 134 inclusive. Current price of the magazines as set by Quiltmania is $ 18.00 per issue (plus postage). We can happily organise supply of these to you if you wish. Note: for your convenience, we air-freight our supply of magazines in to Australia so there is very minimal delay in supplying them to you.
  • Fabrics used come from Jen’s new Moda range called “Remix”, along with an important mystery fabric. All fabrics are as per original design – no substitutes!
  • Where we ship to : The program is open to Australian and international participants, and we will ship to anywhere in the world. Please note that all prices quote above are in AUD, and shipping will vary for international orders.
  • How to register : 
    • In person at our shop during business hours (Tues thru Sat 10am – 4pm). Our address is 92 Whitehorse Road, Blackburn. Note: our shop is based at the rear of our house. 
    • Via the phone during business hours on (03) 9877 1664. We are open Tues thru Sat 10am – 4pm, and are based in Melbourne, Victoria 
    • Register on our website. Note that the charge will come up for the first month’s payment only. PLEASE ENSURE YOU INCLUDE YOUR CORRECT PHONE NUMBER, to enable us to contact you to enable future payments. For security reasons, your credit card details are not stored at the time of registering on our website. 
    • Download the enrolment form here
Other options:
  • Templates are available for each part of the quilt, corresponding with the issue of each magazine. These templates are an option but are highly recommended. These can be sent to you each month with your magazine, or template sets 1, 2, & 3 with your first fabric pack, and template sets 3, 4 & 5 with your second fabric pack. Price for each of the template sets is as follows:
o    Template set 1: $ 38.00 (Acrylic Templates)
o    Template set 2: $ 21.00 (Acrylic Templates)
o    Template set 3: $ 23.00 (Mylar Templates)
o    Template set 4: $ 20.00 (Acrylic Templates)
o    Template set 5: $ 25.00 (Acrylic Templates)
  • Backing options– backing options will be available too, at special prices, and we will be providing a choice of options closer to the time of part 1 being issued. These can be paid off in instalments over the course of this BOM
And a few little extras from us just for you :
  • Just prior to each mail out, you will receive an email from us asking if you would like anything extra added to your parcel, so for those parcels we are mailing it often means those extra bits don't cost you extra postage, or if they do it's very minimal. This can be anything you'd like added, not restricted to just Marshal related items
  • We do our best to have extra fabric available for purchase if you have an 'oops!' moment when you're cutting!
  • We will keep you up to date with any tips and hints, corrections etc that we come across
  • We always send an accompanying letter with each package which lists what is included, any tools you may find useful, anything that we feel we can inform you of that we think will make your sewing easier in any way
  • By signing up for this BOM, you are committing to the cost of the fabric packs for the entire program. There are NO exceptions to this rule. 

ANY OTHER QUESTIONS ? Please phone us during business hours (Tues thru Sat 10am – 4pm Melbourne time), or send an email to