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We know many of you love making bags, and often like to put your own individual stamp into the making. Your imagination can now run wild with this range of felt bags from “Aster and Anne”. Designed in Australia, these beautifully boxed bag kits come with a pre-cut felt shape, pre-punched eyelets where needed, required hardware (buckles, straps etc.), sturdy pins and a set of instructions. The bags can be decorated as and how you wish; make up the bag, sign the label and you’re ready to go! There are some great YouTube videos too if you’d like visual instructions. (And as an added bonus, the box can be re-used as a project box)
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Aster & Anne Felt Bag Kit - Amalia Back Pack


Aster & Anne Felt Bag Kit - Anna Tote, Large


Aster & Anne Felt Bag Kit - Grace Tote


Aster & Anne Felt Bag Kit - Luella Clutch large


Aster & Anne Felt Bag Kit - Luella Clutch small


Aster & Anne Felt Kit - Notebook/Project Cover Kit


Aster & Anne Felt Kit - Zipper Purse with Cross Body Strap


Aster & Anne Needle Holder Kit


Embroidered Notebook/Project Cover Kit