Sue Spargo Bird and Tree Pre-cut Wool Applique Pack

Sku:SSPWK Bird 1, SSPWK Bird 2, SSPWK Bird 3, SSPWK Bird 4

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This kit is made with 100% premium grade Australian Merino Mill Dyed Wool. Created by Sue Spargo and Wonderfil Speciality Threads, this luxuriously woven wool is pre-felted to the perfect hand, providing a tight edge for fuss free applique.

Available in 4 different colourways.

For seamless colour matching, use Sue and Wonderfils line of Ellana applique thread. Ellana is a 12wt wool/acrylic applique thread, dyed to match Sue's line of Mill Dyed Wools.

Recommended Threads (not included) : Eleganza perle cotton and Ellana 12wt wool/acrylic

Suggested Needle Size (not included) : #24 Chenille, #18 Chenille #3 Milliners

Colourway 1 Suggested Threads : Eleganza EZM11, EZM16, EZM97 and EZM20, Ellana EN05, EN10, EN20, EN23, EN36, EN49 and EN56

Colourway 2 Suggested Threads : Eleganza EZ17, EZM09, EZM36 and EZM90, Ellana EN18, EN16, EN23, EN28, EN46, EN47, EN48, EN49 and EN59

Colourway 3 Suggested Threads : Eleganza EZM15, EZM26, EZM31 and EZM33, Ellana EN20, EN23, EN27, EN38, EN43, EN49, EN56 and EN59

Colourway 4 Suggested Threads : Eleganza EZM21, EZM31, EZM29 and EZ15, Ellana EN17, EN23, EN34, EN38, EN42, EN46, EN47, EN49 and EN59